Sunday, September 14, 2008

Falling behind

Now that we are back in the rhythm of homeschooling I'm finding fewer and fewer times to sit down and actually write a blog. So, what has changed since the summer? NOTHING! So why can't I find time? I'm busy working and cleaning and I'm back to making quilts after many months of being in a creative slump. I would rather be at my sewing machine or reading these days rather than typing on the computer, but my hope is that you guys have mostly subscribed to my feed so you know will know when I update. I'm going to try to be better about posting, but I was starting to feel like you could only see so many skate boarding photos and swimming photos before they start making you sick!

What have we been up to this week? We had Spanish on Wednesday, then I took the kids on out to my moms house for the day where they spent the night with their Meme so they could go to the ACE (Athens cooperative experience). It's a homeschooling group with classes. I think I've mentioned it before. This time they are learning plant ID which of course we all love and this past week they played games. Jennifer is supposed to be uploading a video of them doing a wheelbarrow race, so when she does, I'll get the code and post it here for our family to see as well. The kids love ACE. All their friends go and they get to talk and hang out and learn stuff.

Thursday night we went to the $2 movie to see IronMan! We have been wanting to see it because we had heard it was a pretty great movie. I didn't think it was all that. I love Robert Downey Jr and I thought he was great and the overall movie was pretty great, but Jeff Bridges as the villain just didn't do anything for me and I am not a huge fan of action movies, so..... Jason and Kalib loved it and India and I thought it was so so.

Friday Kalib went to Gaga and Gobby's to help Gobby with his wood working. This was the first time they have ever hung out just the two of them. I'm super excited about it! They both had fun and they got a lot done. My hope is that they will continue to have days like this where Gobby will teach Kalib wood working. He loves to build stuff - he spends most days in his room with his Lego's, so getting real world experience building with his great grandfather is just the best. He had so much fun. He is a child of few words and getting him to tell us what all the did wasn't exactly easy, but we finally found out most of what they did and he can't wait to go back and talk about a great thing to learn that he wouldn't learn if he were in school.

India spent Friday with my Grandma helping her work out some technical difficulties with her television. It amazes me that she is only 9 and is better able to figure these things out than I am and I consider myself pretty savvy at technology.

Well, that catches the week up...mostly....there's more to come about the rest of the weekend, but I have to give myself something to post tomorrow!

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