Monday, September 8, 2008

A little quiet reading

On Friday we had breakfast with my mom and then we ran over to Target to pick up a few household things we needed. My mom decided to come with us. Kalib brought all his birthday money with him to spend and ended up with a bunch of Bokugan game pieces and some new Pokeman cards. As we were walking past the books, we decided to see what they had to offer. My mom and I are both avid readers, so passing books by is always a difficult task. I have looked many times at these little lamps that clasp on to your book so that I can tuck the kids into bed and be off duty and they can enjoy reading in their beds while I enjoy some peace and quiet and time for myself. My mom decided to buy them for the kids and they are already being very well used. Both kids love them. In fact, yesterday, Kalib finished his first chapter book from beginning to end read all by himself ever. Here are pictures of the kids on Saturday night in the living room reading books after Jason and I have tucked them into bed. They are both reading Ripley's Believe It or Not books. They love those crazy stories and trying to figure out whether they are true or not.

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