Tuesday, May 5, 2009


So, I'm always behind these days. I couldn't stand myself if I didn't put up the maypole pics then I realized just how much I have not been putting up, so I'm going to work really hard at getting things caught back up on here. Easter we went to Jason's grandparents in Winterville for the annual Easter egg hunt and cook out! Tracey and her kids had gone camping and the scurried back so they wouldn't miss out on it. I forget exactly how many eggs we had all total, but I want to say it was around 150. Meme bought the kids some new clothes (I got some too for my birthday - thanks meme and papa), so the kids looked nice while hunting eggs too. Here are the kids ready to go. They always come running out of the house super fast to do it, then the adults (well, me and Tracey) always stop them to get the photos of them all with their baskets. How annoying that must be for them, but one day they will be glad their parents documented their lives as well as we have. As you can see in the picture Austin came along for the day with his mom and dad.

Eggs get hidden everywhere even in trees that are a little out of reach.

Tic Tacs in her basket.

I was wanting a sweet picture with my kid, but always the smarty pants wouldn't take a serious picture. That's ok though I like this one anyhow and you can still see just how pretty she is. Who do you think she looks like me or her dad?
Another tradition the kids have to endure on Easter is a picture in this tree. I think I have one of every year of them in the tree since they were all babies. It gets a little harder to get them to smile each year, but we eventually get a nice photo of them all.
This year they couldn't get into their loot until we got a photo in the tree, but now they are eating it up! Soooooo much candy. I don't know about Tracey's kids, but ours were super hyped up on candy and got tummy aches, but they crashed really hard.

Last, but not least it wouldn't be an Easter Sunday if this really amazing guy I know didn't bust out the sidewalk chalk and leave behind some kind of drawing.

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