Monday, May 4, 2009


On Saturday we had our annual maypole party and as always it is the party we look most forward to every year. It is always a good time had by the adults and by the kids. There is so much laughter that floats through the air. It's just incredible. The food is always delicious as well. When the party is over and Jason and I are going through the various conversations we have had with people we always end up talking about how lucky we are to have not only to have a very large community, but also how lucky we are to have such a really great extended family. Our friends are so engaged in life, fully experiencing it with both the ups and downs it has to offer. The maypole is a great reminder that life can go both ways and that when we laugh and fully experience each others smelly armpits, it can be nothing but joyous in the end. Here are some pics from our day.
All the pictures at our online family album here

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