Wednesday, February 10, 2010

bowling is FUN...

When I don't have to bowl. I absolutely hate it, but you should have seen the kids expressions last Thursday when I told them we were going to go bowling... India was making a pot pie in the microwave and she jump off the counter and on to me! If anyone has seen her lately you will notice that she has had a HUGE growth spurt and is only 4 inches from being as tall as me (not that it's all THAT tall, but I figured she would get there by 12 and she now has a year to grow those last 4 inches.) Kalib was doing his happy dance. Those kids love some bowling. It is a love I just can't wrap my head around, but who am I to stand in the way of them experiencing all the things in this world that make them happy?

We went bowling with a LOT of our friends and we organized on the ever popular Facebook! Shannon put the word out that she wanted to go bowling, Ashley responded that she too would like to go bowling, and with two of my funnest friends going how could I not invite myself and my family since we had no plans? Holly came along with Aaron, and then Dana saw our plans and she also came along with her 3 and an extra, so how many kids was that all together?

Shannon: 6
Ashley: 1
14 kids and a bunch of adults... it was wild at the KingPins on Friday night!

I got the pleasure of holding Michael while everyone else bowled and I was so happy to just be able to do that and watch my family and my dear friends have a great time - not to mention I got to hang out while all my friends were in between their turns which was a lot since there were so many kids.


Our camera did not like taking photos in Kingpins, so I don't have very many and I do not know what the halo is around Lucy, maybe it is that she is such a little angel, that Lucy!

Dana was smart and brought along some drawing supplies:

Until next time... I've got some yoga to do!

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  1. I am so glad you guys came! The kids all had a blast! It's a good lesson to me to try to create more family get togethers and that fun isn't something I can only have on the weekends without my kiddos.

    Thanks for holding Michael for me so I could bowl!