Monday, February 8, 2010

wall climbing

I'm so excited! I went to upload the photos from Friday night off of Kalib's camera and I discovered these! Obviously, I am the only person in the house who uploads pictures, so here we are months later... Back when I was in Costa Rica, Jason took the kids to Active Climbing. It's a warehouse filled with climbing ropes and runs for practicing climbing. I remember when I called the kids couldn't stand themselves they wanted to tell me so badly about climbing and how awesome it was and I was dying to tell them about snorkeling with sea turtles and sharks... yet, we only had 10 minutes at best, so who was going to tell who what! We managed to squeeze it all into the conversation and a few tears were shed from mama missing her babies and her Hubb-y. Anyhow, I'm always after Jason when he takes the kids places to TAKE PICTURES! This is how we remember everything... I absolutely LOVE looking back at old pictures and remembering what we were doing and where we were. This blog is really great for me that way as is storing everything in Picassa where it keeps it organized by date and title. There, I can also write a quick blurb about what was going on so I don't forget. The kids are growing so fast and I don't want to miss a minute of anything and I want more than anything for them to be able to look back on their childhoods and see themselves and all the fun times they had. Above everything else as a parent that I want for our children is for them to REALLY have a love of LIVING... we only get one shot in this lifetime and we should enjoy every moment of it. The good, the bad, the sad, everything...

I won't bore you with my philosophies today... I'll show you some pictures of my family climbing... Now, I want to go even more... I might try to hit it soon with them now that I have seen just how fun it looks... Who's game?

She has got some legs on her! She's built for this!




almost to the top


  1. Oh I haven't done that in years! Looks like so much fun. My highschool had a climbing wall very much like that one and I signed up for climbing several times for PE :)