Thursday, March 24, 2011

Flowers Take 3

When I last posted on this quilt project I had decided to make more flowers because I was wanting the bouquet under the lovers to look more full.

If you remember, when I wrote about my total frustration with the shiva paintstiks I wasn't interested in remaking flowers or redoing anything.  Funny thing is, I really didn't know WHAT I wanted.  I just knew it wasn't painting flowers with Shiva Paintstiks. 

Creative journeys tend to lead us down the road we least expect when we let them.

  I started making more flowers.  I decided when standing back from the quilt that the bouquet just needed more.  When I looked at it I couldn't get past feeling like the original flowers just looked too flat.  No amount of shading or painting was going to help that.  I had to admit to myself there was no getting out of making more flowers.

Then, I made it this far and started loving the flowers again.  There is no rhyme or reason to how they are stacked and they are all made separately. The possibilities of how to put them together are endless.

I knew I wanted them to look more natural like they would in a bouquet. One flower would not lay over another.  The petals from one would lay both on top and under others.  Nothing about a flower is flat.

Since the lovers are surrounded by a heart made of stems it seems suiting that the bottom would come more to a point than flat underneath them.  

I feel like YES!  I am FINALLY making the progress I have been searching for and the flowers are FINALLY coming together the way I originally envisioned them.

Nothing is sewn down yet and I still have a good many more flowers to make to reach the vision in my mind.  Each flower takes me about a 1/2 hour to make - less if I rush, but then they don't look as good.  With all the trial and error I've had with these flowers I am taking my time to get it right and I'm redoing and remaking if necessary.  There is no time line to get finished so trial and error are my great teachers.

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  1. It looks amazing Sarah. I am so glad that you have persevered!!!

    By the way, I have been reading "Writing Down the Bones" and I LOVE it!!!! Thanks for the suggestion!!