Saturday, March 19, 2011

Getting back into my Groove

In keeping with the energy of yesterday's post, I managed to squeeze in about an hour on Thursday night.  This was how I came to the realization I can actually accomplish a lot in a little time and keep the inspiration flowing rather than staying with the mentality I have to have a big block of time to get anything done.  This mental attitude I have ultimately leads to me getting nothing done because I so seldom have a big block of time (well, I'm going to have 2 weekend days a month now - which are big blocks of time, but otherwise...)

So, on with what I accomplished Thursday night. I see no reason to revisit what I have already committed myself to. 

Thursday night, in my quick hour of time, I got all the leaves finished and started putting together more flowers for the bed of flowers under them.

This is a close up picture of the flowers under the lovers.  I'm still trying to decide how many flowers to make and how much bigger I want the bouquet under them to be. 

 In order to make them all look right, I will have to do my thread work on each flower before attaching it.

Below you can see I have pinned on the first of the newer flowers I am going to make.  I will probably have to take the first flowers apart to make the bouquet look more natural.

Jason says they can stand on their own now, but I think if they are in a fuller bed of flowers it will be even more outstanding.  Yes, it means a little more work for me (well, a lot more work for me), but since I like piecing I'm great with that!

This one is a slightly different variation of how to place the flowers.  I want them to all look like they are mingled together.  I'm probably going to go with this look over the above one, but I'm still playing around with it.  

Now, back to the sewing machine!

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