Tuesday, November 11, 2008

dance practice

So, the Shakti Project is participating in a benefit on Friday November 14th at Little Kings for Bethlehem Ministries to help them raise money for a new medical center. I'm excited because I have never done any afro-hatian dancing before. I like it because it is grounded dancing and not as airy as bellydance. We are performing a dance called Yonvalou which is a snake dance. We had a dress rehersal last night with Moyuba! which is live Afro Haitian drumming. I've also never danced to live music that is choreographed. Check them out here! They are awesome!

So many new things happening in my world of dance. It is incredible and I'm alway thankful when I get to move my body in dance.

The highlight of the night for me was that India got to come along. It isn't often that she wants to come along, but the prospect of video taping our rehersal was enough for her. The video will be very helpful for us to get our timings right with one another and make sure our formations are good and that our movements look good, so thanks India!

Here's a video of Moryuba! at the Flagpole music awards. Notice how fast they are playing. It's really impressive... We don't dance that fast, but the other groups dancing might...

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  1. I am looking forward to coming to see you on Friday!!