Wednesday, June 11, 2008

belt testing

So, it was recently belt testing time again. The kids have been working diligently and practicing hard, they also got to take a weapons class this session. They really enjoyed this class. When it came time for the formal testing this session, we were out of town, gone to Lake Oconee. Thankfully, Master Castro was willing to make it up with us at a later date. The kids finally got to test (not because of him, but me) on June 5. He was also willing to have a private session with India to work on breaking boards some more because she felt like she didn't get enough of that during this session. Master Castro is a really wonderful instructor who really seems to care about his students and he also focuses in on their personalities and works with them in the way that best suits them. (We also are extremely fond of the other instructor, Mr Hill - he wasn't able to be around as much this session, but we'll be back with him more in the fall we hope.) I would recommend the Y program. We also like that they are exposed to kids who do go to school and they get an idea of what a class is like and how they have to behave and function with the distraction of many other kids. The upper belts class isn't very big, but it is big enough... It's a great lesson in having to listen and focus.

Here is a video of India doing her purple belt form. I know lots of you have never gotten to see her do any of her forms. She will be receiving her blue belt recommended next, then onto blue belt decided, then it is red, then brown, and finally black. Not too long... Also, the kids usually have to spar, no contact, but at the formal testing he would not have them spar against one another nor would they spar against one another since they are siblings, but they were the only kids there so they ended up sparing against each other. I guess it is good that they practice at home, this is some of the best sparing I've seen them do.

Here is Kalib going for his purple belt recommended. He's only 2 belts behind India.

We are really proud of how far they have come and the work they have done to get there.