Friday, June 5, 2009

how does your garden grow?

With tomatoes and squash and onions and garlic, broccoli and lettuce, corn and peas. Here are some new updated photos of the garden. The tomatoes are coming along. Almost every plant has a baby tomato on it and Jason pulled the garlic and onions on Wednesday. The squash is covered up in baby squash that we will get to start eating hopefully this weekend and there are baby peas on all the pole beans and bush beans. Now if only the watermelons and cantelopes would take off and start making us some yummy summer fruits we would be set! I can't wait to start putting food away (though I have put some Kale up), but making homemade salsa to store and spaghetti too, not to mention in a few weeks we are going to be covered up in basil and making lots of pesto for homemade pizzas. Next step making my own butter and cheese. Butter is pretty easy, but cheese... I'm a little intimidated by it. Who wants to learn with me?

Here are some recent photos since I haven't posted photos of the garden lately.

Watering the sunflowers - we are putting in drip tape this weekend so no more overhead watering except in a few places!

Look closely and you can see the baby green beans!

the squash plants are covered up in squash. We planted crooked neck squash and patty pan, but it is looking like the patty pan is actually zucchini (which is oh so good cooked on the grill)

garlic - lots of it. It's got to sit out for a few days to start drying before it gets braided and hung up for us to use - not to mention we need it to keep vampires away! (Jason is squinting because I was taking the photo where the sun was directly in his eyes - poor guy, but proud guy!)

The onions from the first onion bed.

a close up of the beautiful onions

all the garlic! There is lots and lots of it! Enough that I won't have to buy it for quite some time! I love having a big garden!

That's enough for today! I get so excited about it all! I promise to share some with you all! We'll have a cook out and everyone can come over and enjoy the food and hopefully take some home!

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