Saturday, January 10, 2009

my grandma's 85th birthday

It isn't everyday that you get to celebrate your grandmother turning 85. Today, my family and many of her friends came together and surprised her with a birthday celebration in her honor. There were around 60 of us. It was awesome! My aunt and uncle that live in Texas came in to surprise her and boy was she surprised! Her gentleman friend helped us get her there and she called and canceled with him this morning, so I had to call her and tell her she HAD to go out with him today, that he had planned something special for them to do. Thankfully, that was all it took. He took her to eat and then brought her up to my parents church where we all greeted her as she came in with a big surprise!
We had a lot of good food for the eating. Homemade cheese straws, brownies, quiche, pigs n' blankets, eclairs, fruit, veggies. It was quite the spread.
India and my mom made and decorated this great cake for her!And she got 2 dozen roses.Everyone was soooo happy to celebrate this wonderful woman.Not to mention people brought her tons of beautiful presents. The coolest one of all was a woman she has known for over 50 years and she brought a picture of she and my grandmother when they were young and I knew my grandmother was beautiful as a young woman, but she was gorgeous!

This is my grandfathers side of the family that were able to join us.and this was my grandmothers side of the family that were able to join us.

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