Sunday, March 13, 2011


I realized after re-reading last nights post how pitiful I sounded. That's not really how I was feeling.  I was feeling frustrated, but it is liberating to recognize when something isn't working and to move on rather than letting it bog you down. I find this so often to be true in all walks of life.  Whenever something just isn't working - especially when you are trying something new and you have given it a solid go and it still isn't working for you, why bother keep on keeping on with it?  Instead, try something new or go back to what does work and wait until inspiration hits again.  

I started looking at other paints today and I feel pretty excited about the prospects of things coming together in my mind.  They are all just pieces to one big puzzle in my mind and new ways to change fabric and make it into something else.  It's all in the beginning stages and these things take time - my parents always said, "Anything worth doing takes time to get it right," and I couldn't agree more.  (Yes, Anita, I would love to get together with you somewhere along the way and play with paints together- let's make it a date.)

It is all a journey and I signed up for it, bumps included.

You can ask anyone who knows me, I like to go with the flow and even when things get bumpy I'm always up for the ride and I find it exhilarating - even the frustrations... there is always a lesson to be learned - this one, that I wasn't quite up for the task yet.  I am perfectly ok with that.

I did not get behind my machine today, but not because I didn't want to, but because it was just too beautiful outside to be looking at the sunshine and spring blooming forth from the window.  Instead, I took the dogs for a long romp in the woods and then laid a blanket out in the sunshine and read and watched our children play while Jason cleaned up the garden and thinned the iris's in the backyard.  It shaped up to be a great family day.

It's back to the cutting board this week and on with the quilt!

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