Monday, March 14, 2011

Photo Shoot

This is Chad.  He's a photographer.  See his fancy camera?

I have all my quilts shot by Chad. I should have some new photos to show off very soon.

It's not that I'm totally full of myself, it's that I like to have really good pictures of everything I do.  I sell most of my quilts and once they are gone, they are gone.  I love to look back at them and see what the finished product looks like - often for inspiration and often for the reminder that I do a pretty ok job of making quilts.

I can take pictures myself - and I do.  In fact, even before I started blogging about it I have always taken pictures of the process.  I put them into the computer with notes on what I did that I like and what I did that I didn't like.  I seldom print pictures, but I can always go back to what I have in the computer. 

The reason I like the professional shots is Chad manages to capture it from an eye that is not my own.  He sees things I don't see.  He takes photos of what he is drawn to in it.  He takes the photo of the whole quilt, then he gets up close to it and shoots it.  I try not to direct him too much because I like to see what stands out for him - if he asks me, then I tell him what I would like to have photos of.  

Chad also makes my prints for me.  Not everyone can afford a whole quilt, so I get prints made from time to time and I've had note cards made as well.  I also use them to send them off to enter them into contests and shows and I always have good quality, high res photos that truly represent the quilts.  Invaluable in my opinion.

I think finding a photographer you can afford to get the shots you might not be able to get is invaluable. There is just something that happens in a photography studio most of can not catch in our own studios.  Not to mention the editing he does like getting any lint or cat hair I failed to get off and getting the colors represented as they truly are.  Chad does all of this for Jason and I both.

 Chad lives here in Athens so if you are looking for someone to do some photography, please consider him.
HERE is his contact info.

I can go on for days as to what a great job he does and he doesn't just shoot art.  He also loves taking photos of skateboarding (that's how we met him - he and J skate together) and he does wedding photography as well as family - not to mention he's about the nicest person you will ever meet.

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