Thursday, June 12, 2008

Stream Bank Restoration

Jason has been working on this cool project at work. They are restoring an old stream that runs by East Campus Road. They are rerouting it away from the street and turning the area into a bog so the wildlife that lives in the water will thrive. They are only allowed to work in small sections to help make sure they do minimal damage to the wildlife living in there. It is a lot of back breaking work, but when they are all through, a very small unnoticed natural habitat will be restored and it will be one more thing Jason can be proud of being a part of. I'm glad to see the University taking more and more steps to be more environmentally conscience. I was told recently that all the buildings will be cleaned with all green products soon. It is encouraging. Further proof that the message is being spread and more and more people are waking up to what needs to become our reality. (small soap box - I just can't help myself.) I'll post more pictures as the project comes along and keep everyone up to date on it, so you can go see it when they finish. Jason now has a camera he takes with him. Hopefully, he will keep taking pictures.

Here is a picture of a barrel Jason is using to catch the condensation off an air conditioner at work. It produces enough water for them to use in the greenhouse there. He took a workshop recently about water catchment systems and it has inspired him. We hope to put some gutters on our roof somewhere in the future and build our own water catchment and rain gardens around here. Our next project here is to reroute our air conditioner condensation into a small pool for our dogs to drink out of. Right now it goes to where our raspberries were, but we had to move the raspberries to make more room for the 1/2 pipe.
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  1. Make no mistake: Jason Hubbard is rad.

  2. That is really cool!

    I noticed a lot of water draining from our AC the other day and wondered if it had anything bad in it or if it was usable water. I guess it's just running on the ground right now, so it must not have anything too bad in it. I need to get a bucket out there!