Tuesday, June 3, 2008

5 guys skate tour

Jason and Kalib went to the new skate park in Buford on Sunday. Duncan Creek is brand spankin' new and the boys were eager to get up there and get it checked out and skate it. They rode up with Wesley (aka Wezel), his son Julian, and Chad. (I think the trip is called 5 guys because there were 5 of them and they ate at a 5 guys burger joint - that hasn't been confirmed, but it seems rather obvious.) Anyhow, it is nice that Jason and Kalib share this common bond of skating. It brings them closer and I love to hear all about their adventures together and what new tricks they learned or what trick they mastered or about the session Jason had. The joy skateboarding brings Jason makes me very happy simply because he so happy and really at the end of the day, that is all I want for him. I want him to have a life filled with nothing but joy. People frequently ask me about his getting hurt and the truth is, he could get hurt doing just about anything. Really, he's probably more likely to get hurt at work than on his skate board and he assures me he is safe and only steps out of his comfort zone to push himself a little and not a lot and I trust him and that alone is enough for me. I love that he can share this with Kalib. They recently went to a skate park in Lawrenceville called Woodward and Kalib dropped in for the first time EVER! Dropping in is skate lingo for standing on the edge of the ramp and rolling into it. It's a scary thing to do for the first time. Jason called me with so much excitement in his voice, he was super proud. Made me wish I could have been there, but I know this is their thing and they will always have that moment and be able to share it and I can fully appreciate that. Another perk of the skating is that I have always liked those skateboarder boys - you know the outsiders! I love the freedom they have to be who they are and their willingness to not accept societies rules just because... I could go on, but I won't... So, here are some pics that Chad took of my boys skating...

Kalib resting before the rain at Duncan Creek

Hubb in one of the bowls at Duncan Creek (front side 5-O)

Hubb at a secret spot

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