Monday, August 23, 2010

Kalib turned 10

Sometimes I just can't believe how quickly the time passes watching our kids grow. Kalib is now 10. Turned 10 on Sunday. Both kids are now in the double digits and I'm on the upside of my 30's. It is so funny to me to think back to being their age and what I thought my life would be like when I was the age I am now. I used to think about so many different things and what I would be when I grew up and blah blah blah. Nothing I thought would happen in my life has, but the things that have only make me happier and happier. I love my life and wouldn't trade it for the world. I am so grateful that Kalib is a big part of my joy. 10 years ago I was so ready for him to come into this world. He was a heavy baby in womb who wiggled A LOT - that hasn't changed much. Kalib is always amazing me. He is such a happy kid always ready with a hug and a smile. He is compassionate and passionate. He loves those legos. He is always thinking about the present moment, something most people struggle with, a quality I have to really watch myself to not squelch in him because he doesn't always think ahead to putting his shoes on or brushing his teeth, but he always gets it done and we always survive being a few minutes late - even though it drives my parents crazy. Kalib is most definitely one of my greatest teachers. Watching him mature and learn new things about our world and his own world is pure joy and I am grateful for each moment with him.

For his birthday, we were supposed to kayak down the Broad River, but we were going to rent 2 seater kayaks so that the kids wouldn't have to steer a boat for 4 hours and so that the parents would be close, but The Outpost isn't letting the two seaters go down the white water part of the river this year, so we had to find something else to do. I really didn't want to host a birthday party this year at our house. It is SO HOT outside which would mean everyone would have to be inside and I just wasn't up for that. We decided to go to Active Climbing instead. When I mentioned we might could do this to Kalib his face lit up!!! He was stoked! (they went when I was in Costa Rica in Oct of last year). We couldn't get it together for some of his friends to come along, but the 4 of us had a great time and my arms hurt 2 days later in ways I didn't know they could - dance practice should be interesting tonight. The truth is, once my arms are over this soreness I would love to go back with them! It is so fun and scary at the same time.

Unfortunately, by the time I remembered we brought our camera along, we were all beginning to get tired, physically, who knew climbing was so hard?! And, I didn't manage to get very many good pictures of Kalib climbing - go figure!!!

(these are all from the kids room - Jason and I did some climbing on the other side of the warehouse and those walls are a little harder, but these walls were plenty difficult)






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