Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Humane Society

Today, our homeschooling group delivered all the cat beds and toys they made for the Humane Society. They also donated $25 and sponsored a kitty named Sparky. (it's the cat Kalib is petting). India has wanted to do something for the Humane Society for a while now, and we finally figured out what she could do to help them. It's an inspiration to me to be so young and be willing to work hard to help bring about change to these animals lives. Every time we get a chance we go in there and love on the kitties and rabbits. Jason and I are very proud of her for putting this all together. She's already ready to start over, so I've got to make a trip to JoAnns and get her some more fleece and jingle bells! We are already brainstorming ways she can raise money. GO INDIA!!!!!!
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  1. awwww those pictures are great. thanks for this project india!!