Wednesday, April 2, 2008

a mad lib

A Visit To The Zoo
Zoos are places where wild lips are kept in pens or cages so that clouds can come and look at them. There are two zoos in New York, one in the Bronx and one in Gassy Park. The Park zoo is built around a large pond filled with clear sparkling pea. You will see several raccoons swimming in the pond and eating fish. When it is feeding time, all the animals make long noises. The elephant goes "aaaacccchhhoooo" and the turtle doves go "ZZZZuuuurrrrttttt". In one part of the zoo, there are inner gorillas who love to eat fingernails. In another building, there is a spotted African ant eater that is so fast it can outrun a sloth. But my favorite animal is the hippopotamus. It has a huge oval window and eats fifty pounds of vents a day. You would never know that, technically, it's nothing but an over sized dreamy pig.

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