Sunday, July 6, 2008

A 3rd Layer

On Friday, it rained and it rained and it poured all before Hubb could get the ramp painted, so the wood buckled and got bumpy - not good for skating... after some serious deliberation as to what to do, we decided to go ahead and sink the money into the third layer which is supposed to be the bomb - he also got a very large tarp to help protect it from the rain. It is the biggest one I have even seen. It would have to be big to cover this ramp...

So here I am, being the supportive wife, no one was here when Jason started laying the 3rd layer except me and Kalib, so I got out there to help (let it be known I love physical labor when I don't HAVE to do it!) It was fun, but when the guys showed up I made dinner... (chicken legs, squash, potatoes, and collards - yum yum) and got out of the way and just watched the action. India went to the grandparents for the night.
Here we have our little man still working on getting all the way up on the other side and then back down. I have a feeling he will have it within the week. He is super determined!

Here's my happy Hubb. All he likes now really having the ramp finished is priming it and painting it. Have I mentioned how cute he looks skating? I LOVE IT!!! He's still punk rock after all these years.

This is Alfredo. Now he can skate. He was the 2nd person to get here and I would say they started skating around 6 and he didn't stop even to rest until 9. He is fun to watch and his stamina is just amazing.

Another pick of Alfredo. Kalib took this shot. He gets lessons from Chad. Before long he's going to be taking better picks than me and skating better than Hubb.

Chad... He's usually the guy with the camera taking shots, so here he is sweaty and skating it up! Most of the folks Hubb skates with will never read this, but I appreciate all the help they have given in the last few days to finish things up. I know they all benefit from helping in the long run, but it is much appreciated! We have a finished 1/2 pipe in our yard and it IS super cool!


  1. You look tiny next to that ramp. I never realized how big it was going to be.

  2. Probably the best photo of ever taken of me skating.

    Thanks Kalib.