Friday, July 4, 2008

Kalib drops in

I know I haven't posted in days, and now I've posted 3 blogs in one day. There's just so much excitement going on this weekend!
Kalib was eager to get home today to try out the ramp. As soon as he got home, he headed straight out there. He got his board and his helmet and put on his skate shoes and was ready to drop in. He rolled around in the bottom for a minute and he was ready to go. Here is a picture of him setting himself up to drop in. It's pretty scary. I tried rolling around on it, but I'm afraid of falling, so before you scoff at him for falling as he goes down, you should come and try it yourself it's pretty hard to stay balanced while you are moving so fast. His lack of fear in skate boarding impresses me as well as his focus. He was built to skate. There's no doubt in my mind he will be showing Jason up in no time.

Here's the quick video I took of him it's his first 2 times of dropping in on this ramp. Wish I had a video of his first time ever.


  1. That was AWESOME! And I love his faithfully sweet sister in the background asking if he's ok (while his mother laughs). (-:

  2. That is so freaking cool! I made the same observation as Rachel LOL

    I am really jealous of the coolness that oozes from all things skateboarding- I really hope some of it rubs off on one of my kids :D (Is 2 years old too soon to buy my son a skateboard?? And will Jason be making any additional apprenticeships available??)

  3. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!! good job kalib!!! (seriously)

  4. That is freaking cool man. I bet they are stoked.

  5. "That always happens"...Classic.