Friday, July 4, 2008

Harry and the Potters

On Wednesday we went to the 40Watt to see Harry and the Potters, Uncle Monster Face, and Math the Band. Not necessarily kids music, but as the singer from Math the Band says Music Kids can listen to. It was a blast! The kids dressed up like characters from Harry Potter. Grace was Harriet Potter. I expected there to be just tons of kids there since it was Harry and the Potters, but we were pretty much it. There were a few more kids, but not many. The kids had so much fun. India told me it was more fun than her birthday, so that must be pretty fun! We enjoyed Uncle Monster Face the best, then Math the band. You can check them out on their myspace and math the band .

Here the kids are playing along with the song Dinosaur vs Dragon. This was too fun! Giant balloon figures battling girls vs boys!

Here are the kids watching and dancing. I tried to take a video of them, but it was too dark. Talk about worn out. We were all super tired when we got home, but we can't wait to see them again!


  1. Hee! They all look so cute! My girls came back SO EXCITED- they had a blast. Thanks for taking pictures Sarah!