Tuesday, June 7, 2011

India's Tuesday Photo 6/7/11

We are home from vacation, but we came to home to no air conditioning, so we have been caught up in dealing with that.  It was 92 degrees in my house when we got home on Saturday.  Poor Jason, he was here trying to get it going, but with no luck.  He's such a good man.

I have so much to write about, but haven't had the energy because I have been HOT - it got hot in Georgia while we were in Florida.  What I want to know is who let that happen?

I thought I would write on my blog while at the beach since my heart always opens up so widely there, but alas, no wifi (can you believe it?).  Honestly, I didn't miss it at all.  Very little internet action left me so much time to engage in my thoughts and the simplicity of quiet - just what I have been asking for.  Now, the goal is to carry that on into my everyday life and learn how to continue to integrate stillness in this fast paced world we live in. 

I am eager to share my thoughts and experiences with you all and some new pictures of the great moving and mysterious mama ocean, but today I'm going to do laundry and clean now that our air is back on and the house is cool enough to move around in. 

NOW... Onto India's photo this week!

India was the featured Whiz Kid on the Athens Patch last Wednesday and because I had little internet opportunity I wasn't able to share that with you.  You can learn quite a bit about her HERE.

India's photo today is one she shared on her FaceBook Fan Page.  (if you haven't already and you are on FaceBook, go there and like her page.  Not only will she be thrilled, but she shares more pictures there than I share here.)

Cow (the name they gave this bird on the Inter-coastal waterway)

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  1. If you think Georgia is hot, you should come over here to Arizona! 100+ degrees!