Thursday, June 9, 2011

Transformation through Swan

When I got home from the beach, other than seeing Jason, I was most excited to get back to work on the quilt I had started right before leaving.  

I had a crazy dream about a swan and it immediately moved me to want to make one.

Anytime I am inspired so profoundly by a dream I try to pay attention to the why it stood out for me. 

While I was at the beach with all that free time on my hands I did a lot of thinking and reading about swans.  I looked into their stories, mythologies, and how they live.

For me, swans are all about transformation - much like a butterfly short of metamorphosis.

Most of us know the story of the ugly duckling who becomes the beautiful swan and that story resonates with a lot of people. They start out as relatively ugly little chicks and become giants of the water, yet they are graceful and peaceful.  The ugly duckling has to over come his being different and finally he leaves his family where he finds his own beauty.  When he returns, he is changed and he is beautiful.  

I'm not leaving my family, but much like the ugly duckling, I have truths I believe about myself that I am working on transforming and leaving behind to see life as more beautiful and to see myself as more beautiful.  

The growth is the process.

Swans are strong birds - yet they don't appear to be on the outside.  To me, they seem gentle and peaceful.  A swan could easily break an adult males arm with their strong wings and beaks.  They are typically not aggressive birds although when disturbed or threatened (especially in protecting their young) they can be.

Another interesting fact about swans is that they tend to mate for life.  There are not many animals or birds that mate for life.

Throughout mythology they are associated with shape-shifting.  Another form of transformation. The ability to change in various circumstances.

I am eager to get to the piecing of the swan, though I still have quite a ways to go before I get there, I've finished the weaving and am ready to move on to the next step of this quilt which will be poppies! 

I am working full time for the next three weeks so quilting will be coming in extra short spurts, but thankfully, I have momentum and drive on my side. Hopefully, there won't be too much lag time on this one.  

I was planning on calling it Momentary Grace, but I have decided to call it Transformation.  Feels like the medicine this quilt has in store for me.

Until tomorrow!  

Enjoy your day!

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