Friday, July 4, 2008

the ramp is finished!

Just in time for the fourth of July and Hubbs birthday... A childhood dream come true. It was awesome to see him drop in for the first time on his very own 1/2 pipe. Jason deserves all the great things that have happened for him this year. Last year was my year, and this is Jason's... So, here are some pics from last night...He had some of the guys he skates with come over to help him finish it up.

popping the last line - so close...

Jason wasn't the first to drop in, Wesley wezeled his way in, but it doesn't matter because Hubb's got a ramp in his back yard and can drop in anytime!

The line up. I've never been to a private ramp session, so I was pretty amazed at how quickly they take off after someone has their turn.

Here's a quick video of Jason. I'll have one of Kalib before long. I also think there will be more exciting pics because Chad took way more than me, I'll just have to get them from him.

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