Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sarah Cook got a pig

We went to Sarah Cooks on Friday to visit and see the addition to her family. A 5 day old pig. That's right the Cooks have a pig. They originally thought it was a full size pig, but it turns out it's a pot belly (not that they are exactly small pigs). She/he is really small and hungry all the time, just like a baby and cute like a puppy. Madrona and I having been enjoying the humor of our dear friend having a pig. Only Sarah would save a pig. I guess if it was me and the circumstances were right, I would do the same. Seems like this could pave the way for Jason to get that goat he's always wanted.

Here I am feeding the pig, whose name is Houdinni, she's eating goats milk.

Here we have Kalib feeding Houdinni. I'm not kidding when I say she eats a lot and just wait until she's bigger, but talk about a learning experience for the kids. Even the little noises she makes are great (Of course, they are pig noises).

The highest reward of the day, getting to make art together. Here's Jason (who took the day off from work) making a water color.

And Sarah C working on her painting. I tried not to photo the painting because it isn't finished yet. While we were there, I finished putting binding and a sleeve on my latest piece. Hopefully, I will have pics to share of that in a few days!

I love going to Sarah's and sitting on her porch and visiting while we work on art. It's good company and relaxing and the kids have a blast running around in someone else's woods and playing with her kids.
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  1. What a cute pig! Never thought I would say that phrase.


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