Monday, June 21, 2010

Broad River

Saturday was so much fun! We celebrated our friends Shannon and Jennifer's birthdays in STYLE! MAMA STYLE that is with a mix of Shannon Foley flare! She planted the seed of let's Kayak down the Broad and we all jumped on board, so we coordinated on the ever popular FB and made calls for baby sitters and who's riding with who and how can we best carpool to save on gas and made it happen. 10 of us were able to go to the broad without the kids! The menfolk stayed home since we were celebrating Shannon and Jennifer's birthday! It was a blast! Alexa did the math and with all of us there were 27 children! We showed up at the Broad River Outpost a little after 10 and were in the water by 11 and floating down the river! It takes about 4 hours to make it the full 6.5 miles. I love that my friends are so adventurous and fun! I can't wait to see what these ladies get us into next year! (Last year we had sushi and went to the country rock dancing!)I really found myself appreciating the wonderful women in my life as we floated and meandered down the river, both those who were there and those that were not. My life is filled with remarkable role models and inspiration in the ladies in my life. Thank you all!

AND a big big thanks to my sweet Hubby for watching Aaron so that Holly could go too! I know Kalib had fun with him, but I want to give him an extra special thank you from me.

Kalib wants to go for his birthday, so we are going to take him on his big 10th birthday in August. I can't wait to go again!

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