Sunday, February 27, 2011

Overcoming Fear to Love

To be perfectly honest with you all, I am extremely nervous about posting this quilt for you all to see.  I have hesitated each time I have looked at the image and the process involved in moving from cartoon to fabric. Which is mostly why I have not talked about that part of the process. 

Staying true to my nature, I have to overcome a fear in order to move forward.  If I am going to write a blog about my process, then you have to see everything, right?

The quilt is not going badly. In fact, I am super pleased with it thus far. My shiva paintstiks have arrived and I'm reading about how to use them and will be moving on to that part of the process hopefully next week as there is still a little more piecing to be done.

So, why the fear?  

Well, honestly, this quilt is testing the waters of  what I want to create with fabric.  I want it to be perceived as I see it and experience it.  I want you all to see it that way also, but as an artist, I continue to remind myself I am not responsible for your perceptions.

Therefore, I am taking that scary leap of faith and showing you now so I can talk about it more as it develops and as I learn more from it.


It is a tantra yoga pose called yab yum.  Where the male and female deities come together to create the world.  The pose is sexual in look, but not in nature.  It is the primordial look of deep love.  The most honest of love that exists between two humans.


 It is two lovers entwined in one another breathing each other in and holding on to each other with the deepest passion and highest respect.  In all actuality, sex isn't even on their minds. Sure it can be, but it is about the passionate feelings these two beings have for one another. And more importantly, what they create together and the power of that bond and the energy they emit to the universe and beyond because of their love for one another.

It is my heart and soul.

 Everything I believe to be true in my life I can sum up in this piece.  In this pose.  In the power of love.


You see, I am a very big believer in love being the highest truth we know as a species.  I fervently believe the world is capable of healing itself through love.  

Love has unlimited power and is our most powerful emotion.  We love even though we can't help it.  We fall in love without deciding to.  Through out life, all we want to do is love and be loved.  We are forever on the quest to find love. To experience love. To embody it and without our own knowledge, we do our best to put it back into the world.  I believe ALL humans are doing their best, we just don't all have the tools yet to love and be loved without walls.


This quilt. This pose speaks to that part of me.  I love my husband with every fiber of who I am.  Through that  intense love we have created the most amazing life.  Loving Jason has taught me how to love freely and be loved freely.  Loving with such passion, such purpose is a powerful tool for creation.  Not just physical creation as in creativity, but the creation of our two children, of our home, of our life and our life style.  The creation of a community that I can not imagine living without.  It is never ending what we are able to manifest into our lives because of our ability to love without doubt and to know deep down inside of ourselves that we are loved and we deserve to be loved.  

We ALL deserve to be loved without judgement and without expectation.  Imagine if we all set our expectations of how the people in our lives are supposed to act - even those not in our lives - and we just looked at them and saw the Holy Spirit that lives within them - wouldn't we be able to love them - truly love them just as they are?  Now, THAT is the magic that changes the world and gives me goose bumps.  

I say, jump on the band wagon, and give love. Be love. Live love. And together we can put an end to wars and hunger and make this world an even better place to live.


  1. Beautiful! I never would have imagined what you were going to create on the beautiful background! I believe what makes this exceptional is what you have written about it. It is a quilt that draws you in and I can't wait to see what you will do with your paints. You definitely have designed a very artistic quilt!

  2. glad you told me about it-- i tracked down this post and i lurves it! plus.. they're purple. this is very much yum ;) yabyum.. pun... <3