Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sit Spot Day 84

It wasn't my intention to write today.  Naturally, I have about a billion things left to do before Kalib and I leave for Nashville, so inspiration hits and I have to put it off a little longer... go figure...

Today was my 84th day of getting up in the morning and going to sit in the woods and watch the birds and animals.  Jason says at this point, I'm a goof ball for keeping up with my days, but somehow keeping up with it seems to keep me motivated. 

As one might suspect, there are days that are amazing and there are days that are not so amazing.  Oddly enough rainy days are often my favorite and especially the day after a good rain shower.  Today, was one of those amazingly beautiful days in the woods.

When I sat down at 7:05 this morning (yes, I also keep up with the time I am there so I can track the birds as they come and go) the fog was heavy on the forest floor and the birds were giving up their morning songs to the sun. 

I sat there for an hour and half and the birds came and they went and they came and they went and three different squirrels passed right in front of me and many more ran behind me. 

I watched the sun peak from behind the trees as it pushed the clouds apart.  It lifted the fog as it began its journey across the sky today. 

The drops of rain splashed to the floor as the birds perched upon them and began singing their songs to one another. 

 It was a beautiful morning.
As I was heading down the path home, I had this thought...

"Mornings like this morning make going out worth everything it is.  There was no more than there always is.  Some days I become more than I normally am and it seeps in deeper.  I breathe."

I looked to the sun as it shown on my face and then down to the ground and at my feet was a tiny snail.

My first day at Grey Fox the kids found a snail and we named it "Snooky."  We made up a song about it, we checked into facts about it and shared them with one another the next week.  It was a happy day.  I was reminded of that day and the mystery of the snail and how little I knew about it.  How little I know about life.

I had the above thought return to my mind and I felt appreciation and gratitude and my heart felt full.

Life IS the miracle.

Be well.