Wednesday, February 22, 2012

a shot from India's eye

I figured since I was back, India should be back too - again, we aren't commiting to being regular or anything, but instead posting when it feels right.  Whew!  What a lesson to learn! 

Anyhow, she recently came into an Olympus SLR camera that is on indefinitie loan and we are super eager to see what she's able to do with it as she learns to use it.  She's got a Nikon film camera our dear friend Elise gave her that has tons of lenses and we have ordered  a part for the Olympus that will make the Nikon lenses fit it!  There's going to be great things coming from her eye.  I can't wait to see what she creates!

We - meaning Jason and I - have got to get India out into the world to take some shots.  If you have suggestions of places she might could shoot (other than the Bot Gardens as she's been there, done that...) we would love to hear them.  She's also interested in possibly trying to do a photo shoot somewhere along the way with costumes and make-up.  I'm so excited to watch her voice grow with her eye.

Today, we have a picture from Hendershot's Coffee where she went a few weeks ago to see some her friends play music.  This shot is my favorite.  It captures the light and the atmosphere of Hendershot's at night.  I'm also grateful we have a small coffee shop that supports our local teen muscicians the way Hendershot's does! 

Kalib and I are off to Nashville for the weekend to learn Advanced Bird Language with Jon Young!

See you next week!

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