Monday, August 25, 2008

Pictures that Kalib took

Kalib's camera has editing as part of its software on the camera, so when he takes a picture he can automatically change it to look how ever he wants. Here's his dads skateboard...The whole reason we bought Kalib a camera is because he likes to take pictures of the folks he and Hubb skate with. Here's Wezel coming out of a trick. They move so fast that getting a non-blurry picture is hard, but Kalib is getting the hang of it fast!
Here's Kurt roaring while Kalib takes a picture of him with Wezel and Julian in the background. I like how Kalib made this picture more blue. It makes Kurts roar more dramatic.
Hubb with an orange tint taking his turn at the birthday party!
My favorite picture of them all so far... Alfredo looking like an alien. This one is almost creepy if I didn't know it was Alfredo!
I think it is pretty cool how Kalib already figured this stuff out with the help of India. They already know more about that camera than I do - not that I know a lot about cameras even though I like to take pictures. They figured it out with looking at the book which is even more impressive to me. I can't wait to see what they do with it as time goes on... It's another homeschooling experiment I suppose.

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