Wednesday, June 17, 2009

off to the lake

I'm not working on Tuesdays except in the mornings to do what absolutely HAS to be done in order to have one full day a week with the kids. Yesterday, a group of our fellow homeschoolers took off to Lake Hartwell to relax in the sun and play in the lake. I am always amazed at how fast time goes when you are at the lake or in the sun for that matter. It seems like before you blink you've been there hours. Thankfully, the lake isn't all that far and with our large caraVAN (because we can't really carpool due to all the kids) we were there by lunch time and heading home around 5:00. I made it home about 6:30. We had such a great time! I'm always amazed at the kids abilities to not only get along the majority of the time, but also the way the older kids really help keep an eye on the younger kids without the adults having to ask. I'm also impressed by the older kids trying to mostly include the younger kids in whatever they play - they deserve some time where they just get to play on their own, but overall they are more than willing to let the younger kids join in whatever they are doing. This is such a great group of kids whom obviously really like each other. For me, the biggest perk is that I LOVE all the moms so much. Every time I'm around them I am reminded to be thankful for such amazing moms that I get to surround myself with. I really do feel so lucky!





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  1. Great pictures!!! And a great, relaxing, rejuvenating day with all of you!!