Monday, June 15, 2009

abbey rd live

On Saturday afternoon Athens got a rare treat with Abbey Rd Live (a beatles cover band) played at the GA Theatre at 1:00 for kids! It was SO fun! We took a couple of friends and met some friends there! We have seen them a couple of times because who doesn't love the beatles? And they really sound like the beatles and it's just so fun to sing along and dance to the beatles. Our kids LOVE the Beatles, and though they have seen the band before it was a great treat to see them with their friends not really late at night where they were too tired to enjoy it. Not to mention that the GA Theatre is a good place to see live music when it is not jam packed with drunken students! We had such a great time. We did a lot of dancing, some of the kids got on stage, the kids got to order drinks at the bar (India told us it was cheaper to buy a coke than water)! They felt so grown up. When we were going in the guy who took our tickets told Jason and I if we wanted drinks, they would check our id's at the bar, so when India ask if she could have a drink I gave her money and she told me she didn't have an ID and I ask her was she planning on ordering a beer? If not, I felt sure she would be ok. Then, they walked up to the bar and ordered away! The sky was the limit as long as it didn't have alcohol. That was awesome for them. I really can't thank Micheal Wagner enough for putting us all on the guest list (it pays sometimes to have friends who are musicians). The kids really did have a great time and so did their parents! We can't wait to see them again... Maybe somewhere along the way we could talk Cosmic Charlie (the Grateful Dead Cover Band) to do an all ages show in the middle of the day! What fun that would be.

Anyhow, here are some pictures from the show! (they don't look like the Beatles by the way...for those of you who have never heard of them... they just play Beatles tunes)






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