Tuesday, August 26, 2008

the last of the photoshoot

I've been putting off posting the rest of the pictures, but as of yesterday all the photos are in the mail to the We'moon (http://www.wemoon.ws/) the women's calendar I was published in this year. It is a women's calendar of the rhythms of life and art and poetry and pictures and is just packed full of earth loving and affirming affirmations. It is the date book I have used exclusively since 2003 and to have my art in it in 2008 was like a dream come true. I missed the deadline last year for the 2009 calendar plus my work didn't match the theme, but I have sent them in this year, so please keep your fingers crossed that at least one makes it in! So, here are the rest of the pictures Chad took! He just did such a great job! I will forever be grateful to him for all his hard work. Hopefully, he'll never have to shoot so many at once again...

Mary, Sowing the Seeds of Love

PerfectLove (All the appliques are hand beaded on)Detail

Comepletely Open (self portrait - I also hand dyed most of the fabrics in the backgound of this one.)

This one is hand quilted

My favorite star on the quilt

Looking at the Stars



  1. These are just fabulous Sarah. I like how you have the detail pics. I never realized how detailed the quilts were. Good Luck!

  2. Oh these are breathtaking! I hope to own another of your beautiful pieces one day- I stop and visit mine often and can look at it for quite some time! And it doesn't have nearly as much detail as some of the others. Just beautiful! You should be very proud of the body of work you are building.