Saturday, March 5, 2011

Quilt Show Photos

These are some of my favorite quilts from the show.  It's still going on and these are only 9 of the 250+ quilts happening this weekend March 4-March 6, 2011.  You can go to this link for more info.

This one received best in show.  The picture doesn't really do it justice.  Standing up close to it the colors almost overwhelm, but it is truly breathtaking.

This one is made by my friend Frances.  I really love her use of color and quilting to make this picture come alive with fabric.

Ms. Francyne, my go to when I absolutely cannot figure something out or need advice before making a purchase quilting friend, made this moose. It is absolutely wonderful and her choice of fabrics and how she used them make me wish I could be a fly on the wall when she puts her works together.  

 This next quilt is made by my dear friend Terri.  I love everything she does.  She sticks with more traditional patterns and steps out of the box with her fabric choices.  I am always telling her how much I love the way she uses fabrics I would also love to use, but I can never figure out how to incorporate them into my quilts.  She uses those fabrics with giant prints and makes stunning and fun quilts. Not to mention her ability to have multiple patterns going on at once.  Blows my mind.

This mariners compass was made by Shirley Erikson.  Shirley loves bold colors just like I do.  Her use of color and her quilting (which you can not see in this photo, but you can if you go to the show) always draw me into her quilts and every time I see them I am amazed at her talent.

I think this next quilt is my favorite in the show.  It was made by Catherine Hart.  I love her use of fabric and how she really created the tree bark by layering and cutting it the way she did.  I like how she tried something new and made it work and it worked really well.  The bird is made with satin and stuffed to make it pop off the quilt.  (There is a more detailed shot below this one.)

 Another quilt by the wonderful Terri Jarret.  I wish I had have written the name of this one down.  Don't you just love the way the fabric moves and looks in this quilt?

 This one is by my friend Deb.  It reminds me of my quilt Pura Vida.  She added some sparkles to it that are not so obvious in the photo, but they really accent the feel of this quilt.  I also love how there are no real hard lines in this quilt.  She really made the fabric move like water.  And my favorite aspect of this quilt are the edges and how they draw you further into the mood and movement of her piece.

 And lastly, another by Mrs. Shirley Erickson that is bold and bright and everything great about a quilt.  I would dearly love to sleep under this every night.  Whomever owns it is one lucky person.

Come see the show.  These ladies in Athens are super talented and inspiring, not to mention A LOT of great vendors with great fabric and other goodies!

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  1. Terri's quilt is call Inner City Blues. The pattern is called an inner city and it was a blue challenge. The title is from a Marvin Gaye song.