Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thread... Before and after.

It is amazing what an impact something as insignificant to most people as thread is can have on a person. Not to mention the impact on the creative space a person works in.

The thread mess has been an ongoing issue since I started quilting.  Because, as you all know, thread is what holds quilts together. Then, there are the threads you actually do the quilting on top with and if you start thinking about fancy threads and variegated threads, before you know it you have too many thread spools. Well, maybe not too many thread spools, but plenty of thread that then you have to figure out how to store it all.  Before long, you have a thread stash and a fabric stash.

I bought some of those thread racks and put my thread on those for a while, but they never worked for me and took up too much room without holding enough thread. To be honest working in a space that is 10 ft by 10ft nothing can take up too much space.  I gave those away to a quilter friend and went back to the basket. I also tried those plastic thread boxes for a while, but I could never remember which thread was in which one and would have to go through them all to find what I was looking for. Inevitably, I always went back to the basket because at least then my thread was visible and it fit on the shelf behind my sewing machine.


How I loathe the basket.  Looking for thread this is what I constantly found:


A tangled mess. 

 Not to mention I can't tell you how many times I bought the same thread twice because I couldn't find it in the basket of thread.

Then, that glorious night, India's birthday to be exact, I was having that conversation about woodworking with Jason and his grandfather and the idea came to me. 

 A shelf for thread that squeezed just under the ironing board and the wall. 

 Ahhhhhh.... even now it is music to my ears and a sight to behold to my eyes. (Not to mention a wonderful use of wasted space. And in my small little corner of the room no space should ever be wasted.)

My thread shelf. All color organized and ready for projects and right at my side and not in a tangled mess. It's visually stimulating and what I'm looking for will be easier to find.  And, hopefully, no more double buying thread, unless I need it, of course.


You love it too. I know you do.

The funniest part about it all to me is the amount of thread I have. Looking at in the basket it didn't seem like so much. But, looking at it on the shelf, I'm blown away. There is so much of it. So many spools. Almost all the spools are vibrant colors though, so if I end up using pastels anytime soon I will have to buy some thread and if I need any brown I'm really up the creek. I only have one spool of some really old brown thread.  How funny is that?

Now, I'm off to hang the quilts for the quilt show this weekend and to get my dose of inspiration because the folks in the Cotton Patch Quilters Guild are some talented ladies.

Who's coming?

If you are, let me know on FB, I would love to meet you if I don't already know you!

I'm taking my camera with me today and I will try to give you a sneak peek of some of my favorites over the next few days for those of who are too far away and wishing they could come see.

Enjoy your day and quilt some!

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  1. What a great idea for a thread holder! That is so neat that you made it and the kids helped at different stages. I think I can see room for a few more threads maybe bought at your quilt show!