Saturday, March 22, 2008

Joshua Tree

So, today we went to Joshua Tree. I've always wanted to visit there ever since I first saw a picture of one. They remind me of the lorax trees. So prehistoric looking yet so cartoonish. I read today that the whole ecosystem is dependent on one type of moth. The Yucca moth and they are the only pollinator of the joshua trees, so the more damage we do through pollution and such, the less likely these beautiful trees are going to make it.

It is so quiet in the desert. I realize how much I crave that quiet. I don't spend nearly enough time in nature and just experiencing it and taking it in. Everything in the desert is slow, and every resource is appreciated. I'm so impressed by the cactus and how they have developed their prickles to protect themselves from just being knocked over and you have to wonder why they developed the prickles in the first place. What part of their environment caused them to have to protect themselves in such a way. I will be reading into this in the coming days I hope.

Then, there are the rock formations which over time water has eroded. Before this landscape was desert, there was water here. I took a picture of the sultan sea from the top of Joshua Tree, you can barely see it through the haze. I didn't post it because you would not really be able to tell what I was taking, but it is pretty sad to think about the haze and we were lucky, today was a pretty clear day - most days you can't see it so well - at least according to the exhibit there.

You know, I think I am drawn to nature because it refills my cup. I know we live on an amazing planet and I get so bogged down in life that I forget to stop and refill my cup. I NEED to be and taste the air of the ancientness of our earth. I get hungry for it. Joshua Tree is majestic like Yosemite was to me. Millions of years have formed the landscape and to take a step into it and breathe the air and experience its awesomeness just lifts my spirits and makes me rejoice to be alive. I feel like I too have taken a step back into an ancient place where life is not so busy and the breeze is filled with secrets for me to learn and celebrate. When I am in that place, I feel in touch with my deepest essence.

I must say, I love it here. Were it not for my family and friends, my spirit would drag me out here and I would drag Jason and the kids. People here seem to be aware of our dire need to make changes. Most everyone here is working towards being more green. There aren't health food sections in the stores, the stores are filled with health food. It's inspiring. I'm going to work even harder to be more green at home and I'm going to work harder to get myself out of the endless cycle of activities and get out and smell the roses more often. I'm going to take more walks in the woods with my wonderful husband and children - whom I miss very much! I'm going to work harder at keeping my cup full. Georgia is a beautiful state and I need to see more of it.

It's been a long day, I'm worn out and a little sunburned. I'm off to bed.

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  1. Everything sounds just wonderful. I am completely jealous of this time you have gotten to look inward and find yourself. We miss you though!