Thursday, March 20, 2008

reading under the oak...

Today was a relaxing day. We didn't do much except play with Sophia and we went to Whole Foods - which suprisingly I enjoyed (alot). So many choices that we don't have. We sat outside for a while under this fantastic Oak they have in their back yard - which is just magnificent... until Sophia got sleepy. They went in and took a nap, while I sat in the shade of a large California Oak tree and got sprinkled with pollen and hung out with their cat Roscoe. Funny how the yellow pollen isn't making me just cringe. I read solid for 2 hours loving the warmth, barefoot, and uniterupted peace offered by the shade of that oak tree today. I had the opportunity to contemplate things, something I enjoy doing as I was studying the homeopathy... I have a wonderful life, with two children who not only keep me on my toes, but continually make me thirsty to learn everything I can and what I want to learn. It is amazing how information sticks with you when you are learning what you want to be learning. I love being intersted in things and how they work and the mysteries of life. I like thinking and observing my own behaivors and finding solutions to things I think I could be better at. A thirst for knowledge keeps life intriguing and exciting. There is always something more we can learn. Something we may not know we are even interested in, but how will we ever know if we don't just try things out and explore that endless thirst? I hope that is how India and Kalib feel. I also thought about my husband and how he inspires me and supports me and is always there encouraging me to try to satiate my thirst and help me push my own limits and in the name of love. (It seriously helps that he can always make me smile when I most need to. ) What a lucky wife I am. So, I am relaxed, I'm loving having the space to look inside and dig deeper, but I am also loving what I am finding there.

The pic is Shane with Sophia - who is the cutest baby - she is just WONDERFUL!!!! And talk about some fat little legs!
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  1. Have a fun and safe trip. Give those fat legs a squeeze for me.