Sunday, March 16, 2008

Trail Keepers

Our first official day out to the Greenway with the FRIENDS to do our trail pick up. Who knew picking up trash could be so much fun. We found lots of broken glass, lots of empty beer cans and a few surprises like a tennis ball with roots (sorry about the behind shot). We pushed half a mouse off the trail (we figured a hawk got it) and I found a small bird that was enjoyed by something and all that was left were its feathers (we pushed it over off the edge too). The kids really all got into it and did a great job and stayed focused. You know, I think it is important to be involved in things like this. I found myself wanting to pick up trash every where else we went after this. It worries me the amount of trash on our streets and sidewalks. We don't take as much pride in things and WE as a species seem to leave our imprint everywhere we go - even when we don't mean to. My hope is that we will be inspired and make more of an effort to be the change and inspire others to be the change we want. I want MY imprint to be minimal. I want the things we consume to be able to be reused or recycled or composted. I want to have very little garbage in my life and more than anything I want my species to take pride in what we do and be conscience of our impact and take a look as we walk and really see the impact we are having on this planet. Trash is everywhere you go. We can't escape it or CAN WE?? We can make our consumption mindful, we can pick up trash when we see it, we can recycle, we CAN make a difference with very little cost to our lives and with minimal effort. It takes more effort to constantly consume and deal with the reprecussions of that, than by simply being mindful of what we are taking in and what it's impact is going to be. Be inspired by our kids, be their role models. They are our future. Do we want to leave them with a nasty planet to deal with - assuming she doesn't kick us off first - or do we want to give them the tools to be better stewards of this amazing place we call home? All right, enough soap box... I'm proud of my kids for wanting to be part of this and being excited to get up and get going and really working hard to make a difference at such a young age. Maybe they can be your inspiration and your role models... In the words of Jack Johnson - 3... is a magic #...REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE!!!!

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  1. I/we had much fun also. That was a good soap box, by the way. But does our planet have to be a she? Maybe so.

    Thanks again and again for all the help and everything else these last few weeks.

    Jason B