Thursday, April 10, 2008

Luna Moth

This Luna Moth, graced us with its appearance the night of my birthday. I will never forget the first time I really ever saw one of these moths. Jason and I had gone to Virginia with some friends for a gathering. I think it was the celebration of the burning man. It was our first time to be invited to celebrate the turning of the seasons with these friends, and it was so exciting. The mountain we were on will always be ingrained in my memory (Floyd County, VA) it was so untouched by human hands and the land felt so appreciated. I will never forget that weekend. The guys whose land it was, Bink an enigma unlike anyone I have ever known, had one of these moths on his hat. It just landed there. It was the most beautiful moth I had ever seen and it landed on him! I remember thinking to myself, he must have tapped into something I didn't yet understand if something so incredible just landed on him. He wore that hat the whole day, and the moth stayed on it until sometime into the night and then it just took off. The whole day though I kept going back every chance I got to check out the moth on Binks head. That was an amazing time in my life. I woke up to so much inner knowing and comfort of who I was. Every time I see a luna moth I am reminded of that time in my life and those people who opened doors for me they are unaware of.

So, being me, I looked up luna moth wisdom to share with everyone...(interpretation is completely up to you. The words mean different things to different people)

They have the power of the whirlwind
Ease of movement in darkness and Shadow
Ability to confuse enemies
Ability to find light in darkness

Something else interesting about luna moths is that they nest in sweet gum trees here is GA, but those aren't their only supply of food, they will eat most anything green and their life span as a moth is only about a week. Seems like such a shame something so exquisite would live longer.

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  1. Wow. Really gorgeous. What a cool gift from the universe to get a visit like that!

  2. I used to see those all the time at the factory/warehouse I worked at in Toccoa.

    I like 'em.