Saturday, April 12, 2008

The most perfect piece of music

WAIT!!! Read what I wrote before you play this.

This is easily one of my favorite pieces of music that I have ever heard. The first time I heard it was a couple of years ago lying in bed listening to NPR a show called Jazz Beyond. Unfortunately, that show doesn't come on anymore. Anyhow, this piece was played in its entirety. This video is just the first 10 minutes. The first time I heard this music, it moved me to tears. I have seldom heard music that speaks so deeply to my soul and who I am. Every time I hear this music, something inside me wakes up and I feel alive and a part of everything even more than I already do. Last night, we were enjoying our new outdoor living room with wine and good books. I got up to put this on as the energy of the night felt suiting for it. As the music evolved the rain began and the harder he plays, the harder it rained. It was as though they were playing together. It was so wonderful, there are really not words to describe it. So, I want to share this amazing work of art with you all. It is only the first 10 minutes of the piece which is almost an hour long, it is Keith Jarrett, the Koln Concert. Don't watch the video -it's cheezball (it was the only way I knew to pass it on) - close your eyes, turn the volume up and just listen to the perfection of this wonderful composition...

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