Tuesday, July 15, 2008

slides and things

We have been swimming a lot this summer, thankfully. What that means for me is chilling by the pool either with a good friend or a good book (which I also consider to be a good friend at times). Here we are at Sarah Cooks Aunt Mariannes where there is the super fun water slide. We went both Tuesday and Wednesday. Hazel, Stella, Lyle, and Jennifer were able to be there on Tuesday. Wednesday it was just us and the Cooks and Daisy. It is very hard for me to decide which pictures to put up, but as I told Jason last night at least their lives will be well documented. I prefer pictures to video any day. Almost every picture I have taken I can tell you where we were and what we were doing and how I felt when I took that picture. I think that is what I like most about them is they bring back that very feeling. Anyhow, here are some more pics of our swimming - as if you haven't seen enough already, right?

Yes, his middle name is Danger

Hazel and India - I can't help but wonder what they are talking about and goggle faces are my favorites!
The slide is fast and fun. I guess Elijah's going to high five Kalib or something!

AH! It's a yellow inflatable Elijah monster!
Not another picture! I have to say I really love the look on India's face!

Check out that huge smile! Water slides are so fun!

Get ready, set... (everyone but Kalib)


Now, just the girls and a tired Kalib on the slide!

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