Wednesday, May 13, 2009

photos of the kids

Last night Jason and I were at the Lyndon House having some photos taken of our latest works (photos to come on those) and our good friend Chad took some really great photos of the kids for us too. Now, I'm not one for formal pictures at all, so how he captured the personalities of both kids is just great! And you will see what I mean as you scroll down, they didn't hold back AT ALL. Formal photos tend to overlook the kids personalities, so in this setting they just got to be themselves. It's funny to me how great these came out with both kids initially saying they didn't want to have their pictures taken and when they saw them they liked them. How lucky we are to have a friend to take photos for us. Thank you so much Chad...

This one is my favorite! They were obviously having so much fun and Chad did a great job capturing that!
Our kids really are so wonderful and they really do smile and laugh and act just like these pictures. We are lucky parents to have such happy children in our lives!

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  1. The fifth one of Kalib is great! Nice shots!