Tuesday, May 12, 2009

we've got chickens

The babies arrived yesterday morning at the Danielsville post office where our good friend Madrona went and picked them up. They also ordered baby chicks as did our friends the cooks. We ended up with 12 day old baby chickens and man are they cute right now! They chirp and eat and drink and clean and peck and nap when the kids (and mom) are not busy loving on them. It is too sweet. They all have names, but we can't tell them apart enough to really know who is who, but here are their names: Thessalonia (aka Thessy), Othella, and Luna, Night walker, Hamlet, and Jenn, Prunelly (my mom's nickname), Hazel, and Henny Penny, Magpie, Sophia, and jackal. We'll see if these actually stick once we can really tell them apart. There are 4 different varieties and one that we don't know what it is, it was one of the extras the hatchery sent with our package. I'm a little nervous that it will turn out to be a rooster, but only time will tell since we don't know how to tell.

Here are some pictures of the latest additions to our lives:

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