Sunday, May 17, 2009

more baby chickens

No, I don't mean we got more baby chickens, just more pictures... They are super cute and growing like crazy.

These are from day 3 with the babies.

Always the curious little chicken, meet Hazel...
Yes, we did name a chicken after India's best friend Hazel, it just suited the chicken,. She's curious and fun to watch... and obviously, not camera shy...Hazel is a Rhode Island Red.

The kids built a little fort to hang out with the babies in on the floor, but they weren't interested in hanging with the kids, all these birds are interested in is eating, but man are they cute!

peck, peck, peck, eat, eat, eat...

These are from today only a few days later and notice how big the birds are getting and that their wings are really starting to come in. I was checking on them this morning changing the water and giving them more food (because they eat a lot of food) and they are trying hard to fly. One of them managed to get up on one of the feeders while I was watching them. I guess we are going to have to try to figure out how to raise the feeders up to discourage that - don't want them pooping in their food if we can help it.

This one we have named Prunelly (which is my mom's nickname), whenever we reach over into the brooder, she's always the first to stick her head up and see what's going on. She gets right up to you and then makes all kinds of noise when you pick her up. She is a silver laced wyandotte - we have 3 of these and it hard to tell them apart, but we are also starting to learn the personalities of our birds and that is helping us distinguish who is who.

This one we call Henny Penny. She is also a Rhode Island Red, but she has a yellow head for some reason more like the Buff Rocks (who are all yellow). We have 3 Rhode Island Reds and Henny Penny is my favorite bird of them all. She doesn't mind being held and when she is out of the Brooder she is happy to go wherever you go as long as she can run behind.

This is Hazel again with Hamlet in the background. See how much of their wings have come in? It's only been 7 days today that we have had them and they have really grown so much.
Last, but not least, our mystery bird, Hamlet. We don't know whether Hamlet is a girl or a boy or what kind of chicken he/she is. The Hatchery we ordered the birds from sent a few extras and this was the one we brought home with us because Kalib loved it. He/she doesn't look like any of the other birds and Hamlet has a distinctively different song than all the others, but she/he is a very sweet bird and more than willing to let you cuddle it.
All together we started out with 12 baby chicks. 4 Rhode Island Reds, 3 silver laced wyandottes, 2 black austrolorps, 2 buff rocks, and 1 mystery bird. Unfortunately, 1 of our buff rocks didn't make it, so we are now down to 11 birds and loving them all.

More pictures to come as they grow!
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  1. Oh my goodness! They are so sweet! I love the first picture with Kalib's face in the background!! I can't wait to come meet them.