Monday, May 18, 2009


On Thursday night, May 14th, we went over to UGA's Herty Field to check out some of the flower beds Jason had designed. It is always a treat to go over to campus and let the kids run around and climb trees. We really don't do it often enough. We went to Baskin Robbins before heading over for an extra special treat! Last year the fountain at Herty had to be turned off due to the drought, but thankfully, we have had lots of rain and UGA now has water reservoirs to hold enough water to keep Herty Fountain up and running, hopefully all summer.

Here are the kids debating whether the water is too cold to stick their feet in. It's funny to me to think about how small they were when Herty Field was brought back to life. I should go back and see if I can find those pictures of the first few times the kids played at this fountain. I know I have tons of pictures of them and this fountain, but I never get tired of them growing and the fountain is really beautiful - especially at night.


I really love this one of India laughing from how cold the water was when she put her feet in!


After we go to the fountain we always wind our way over to the north quad in front of the library for the kids to climb the trees.


I like this one because he looks like he is actually waling on the limb.


Kalib is a born monkey hanging from the tree


And the whole reason we went over there in the first place... Jason's gardens. My photos of the beds are not all that good because the light was beginning to fade and my camera couldn't figure out what to capture, so we will just have to go back over there on a prettier day when the flowers really begin to fill in better so I can take some more. Maybe next time we go, we'll carry our Frisbee.



  1. We have never been over there- we need to go check it out!