Friday, May 22, 2009

alapaca farm

Yesterday the kids homeschool group ACE (Athens Cooperative Experience) went to an ALPACA Farm. It was really cool, though I think the poor alpacas were a little overwhelmed with all the kids and weren't so into letting the kids pet them, but we learned a lot and everyone who wanted to got to feed a baby and the kids all got to make a bookmark out of alpaca rovings (shavings off an alpaca before it is spun into yarn. It has been washed and combed and dyed and ready to be felted into something). We are definitely going to go back out there - maybe just the four of us - and buy some rovings. I've been wanting to do some felting with my kids, but I haven't bought anything to do it with and now, I'm feeling motivated - especially now that summer is here.

Here are a few of the photos from the day.

this is an alpaca - I didn't really realize before yesterday that they are not the same as a llama. They have been bread with llamas a lot, so they overlap and do look similar, but they are a lot smaller than a llama.

Who would have thought homeschooled students could form such a nice line. Guess there's incentive when you get to feed something as cool as an alpaca to stand in line.

India feeding a baby

Kalib feeding the baby



This one is a male llama.

The girls making their felted projects. I didn't get to make one, so Nancy let me bring home a kit. I think I'll be making mine a little later.

If you also want to visit the alpaca farm, here is the link... I'm sure Nancy would be happy to tell you all about them.

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