Friday, May 7, 2010

april catch up in may

The last month has been a total whirlwind of excitement and next to no time to write on the blog. I think this is the longest time span since I started it that I haven't written. So, April, what all went on in April? Lots and lots of trips to the library. Master's Academy Ended with a giant play that the kids did a fantastic job in. I was really impressed with how well they pulled it off. I was a little worried, I must admit, about the play concepts, but it came off without a hitch and the kids spoke loudly, knew their parts, and were fully present and had a great time doing it. We also got to pick up all their art projects and that in and of itself was pretty impressive to me. I'm looking forward to seeing what they do next year.

I celebrated my 35th birthday in style. A whole lot of my friends went with me to see Bonobo, some trance/dance music and we had an amazing meal at the speak easy downtown. It was SUPER fun! I had a new outfit to wear (thanks Holly) and was surrounded by many of my closest friends. There's nothing like throwing a party for yourself! The girls even all got ready together false eyelashes and all. I love being really girly from time to time - not to mention Bonobo was absolutely incredible. I love music that causes the mind to get a little lost from the world outside.

Kalib is loving Kung Fu which meets regularly on Wednesdays. It helps him to stay focused and connected to his body. He also started his own blog for his lego creations which is A LEGOS LIFE He comes up with some really cool looking legos and puts pictures of them up. He's a guy of few words, so it is mostly pictures, but he's all about the legos so check on that from time to time.

Lastly, I had a big opening for the quilts on the 30th with Baraka's Book Signing which was a total blast. I spent most of the month behind my sewing machine trying to finish up a new piece for the show. Thanks to my amazing Hubby and kids and many many supportive friends, I was able to get it all done and have a blast. There were moments when I didn't think I would finish, but I did. There will be pictures of it in June after the show comes down. The show and book signing was amazing. I had prints and note cards to sell and did pretty well with those and Baraka sold out of her books (which is really awesome). The night was so fun and I met some great people and reconnected with some great people and got good feedback on the work I do. I even got a little choked up as I was talking about how grateful I am to my family for inspiring me to keep creating and supporting me in my endeavors. My dear friend, Sambara, came in as a surprise to her and as a treat to me from her sweet loving man, Watson. That was the icing on the cake to have my dear dear friends around me in those moments of nervousness with my heart of the walls of the Healing Arts Centre.

The next day, we had our annual Maypole Party. I was so tired and scattered I didn't manage to get the pictures I usually do so when Jennifer Bray posts some of hers I will be sure to send a link so you all can see the festivities. It was a blast as usual. Another very late night surrounded by great friends and laughter. What more could I ask for?

This past month has been an amazing month, reminding me of how very lucky we are to be a part of such a tight nit community/family. We are surrounded by beautiful people everywhere we turn who inspire and enlighten us, some challenge us in ways we would never expect and we only grow closer through living our lives together. There is the old adage it takes a village to raise a child, and I am so glad my children are a part of THIS village. Wow... you all are so special and what amazing role models for our babies! THANK YOU for all that you do in our lives and all that you are in our lives. I can't imagine my life without any of you in it.


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  1. Kalib is really enjoying posting. And creating and posting and creating and posting!!!