Thursday, April 1, 2010

Essential Oils

Sarah Cook and I ordered a bunch of new oils together. It has been awesome. Awesome for our hair, awesome for our skin.
The night we received our oils we all made some personal oils for ourselves. They all have avacado oil, grapeseed oil, sweet almond oil in them and Jason and India's have Hazelnut oil in them to help out with their oily skin. After mixing the base oils we added the sweet smells of the essential oils each of us picking what we wanted to create! I love smelling them and the kids did a most excellent job of picking scents that went well together. I have already made myself a second oil since I put it on my skin and in my hair every time I bathe. I know you think, oil in your hair? But, I kid you not, since I started using it in my hair my scalp doesn't itch as bad with dandruff AND my hair seems to go longer without getting oily. Seems like a contradiction I know, but it works, and my hair smells good for days! It is awesome! The more I read about them, the more interested I become in using them and the more I realize how similar they are to homeopathy. They are gentle, but very effective and if used correctly extremely powerful for treat all kinds of things...

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  1. It's so funny- I just spent an hour looking at info about different oils that would be good for Stella's skin and combating the itchiness she gets from bug bites, then I came here and you are talking about oils too! I'm going out after some things today- thanks for the extra inspiration (and answering questions that I probably will have!)