Friday, June 25, 2010

the allure of the automobile

On Tuesday (can I just say I love Tues - they are my day off) we went to the High Museum of Art in Atlanta to see the exhibit the Allure of The Automobile. Now I know to some people this may not sound like all that, but to a girl who grew up around cars, I have a super soft spot for some classic cars. My grandfather was a master mechanic and my dad grew up tinkering with cars. He actually built his first car pretty much from the ground up. My grandfather also used to work on race cars some, so cars were a common subject on Sunday afternoons at our family dinner, not to mention car races. I love classic cars - today's cars, not so much - they don't have the flare they used to have and they all look the same. To me this says a lot about our culture, but I won't go into that. So, I'm not going to bore everyone with what the type of car is (all though, I did get the names of all the cars so that when I showed them to my dad, he would have that information). There are no cars older than the 1960's and they are all cars that there are very few of their kind. My favorite part of the cars is almost always the grill on the front. I love it! Anyhow, the exhibit is over this weekend, so if you were thinking about venturing up to ATL for it, you should make sure it hasn't closed yet, but if you love some classics - true classics then it would be a worthwhile trip. There is a Salvador Dali exhibit that opens August 7 that we are all waiting on pins and needles for! What a great place the high museum is and we only live an hour away. There's all kinds of old master's paintings as well as art throughout American history and one of the best exhibits there is the folk art section of their permanent collection with a whole room dedicated to Howard Finster. It's worth going JUST to see his amazing work. OK, enough plugs for the High... enjoy the photos! I have lots more if you want to see them - I made my dad a movie that I'm happy to share with close up shots of all the cars along with the car names!

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